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150 Guppy Road, Taradale



Project Type:

Residential Subdivision

Project Dates:

2021 - 2023

Situated in Guppy Road, this expansive 43-lot subdivision stands as a testament to TW Property’s capabilities in overseeing large-scale residential developments. Guided by our dedicated property development managers, this project unfolded from its conceptual inception to the final completion stage.

During the initial stages, a private developer swiftly acquired seven sections, prompting our electrical, plumbing, and painting teams to commence work on the first seven modern-designed homes, all concurrently while civil and building constructions were underway on-site. This development not only offers new housing opportunities but also aims to create a vibrant neighbourhood in the well sought after neighbourhood of Taradale, Napier.

Our Businesses Involved: TW Property, TW Homes, Electrical, Painting and Masonry, Plumbing.

Team up

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