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87-89 Tauhara Road, Taupō



Project Type:

Industrial Subdivision

Project Dates:

2021 - 2022

A groundbreaking industrial development project in Taupō led by TW Property, in collaboration with our valued partners TW Electrical, TW Painting, and Superchill. Having completed the meticulous subdivision of a sprawling 10,500m² industrial site into five distinct lots, we are thrilled to announce the fulfilment of this visionary initiative. Nestled near the serene lake in Taupō, this project is more than just construction; it represents a harmonious fusion of industrial progress and natural beauty, redefining the commercial landscape of the area. The invaluable contributions of TW Electrical, TW Painting, and Superchill have played a pivotal role in shaping this transformative endeavour. We’re excited to share that the seamless integration of AC Systems and ventilation into these completed warehouse spaces ensures optimal comfort and efficiency. Our gratitude extends to all our partners for their unwavering dedication and expertise throughout this journey. As we reflect on the successful completion of this industrial hub, businesses now have the opportunity to thrive in spaces designed for both productivity and inspiration. Our Businesses involved: TW Property, TW Electrical, TW Painting & Superchill

Team up

We are going to be looking a little bit different across our business divisions, stay tuned.