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Tauhara Sheds, Taupō



Project Type:

Industrial Development & Refurbishment

Project Dates:

2022 - In Progress

After completing the subdivision of 87 and 89 Tauhara Road into 5 industrial lots, TW Property, in collaboration with TW Electrical and TW Painting, is currently spearheading the Tauhara Sheds project. Building upon the successful subdivision of 87 and 89 Tauhara Road into five industrial lots, our team is now seamlessly managing the construction of two cutting-edge industrial warehouses on-site. This ongoing project is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. As we progress through the construction phase, the collective expertise of TW Property, TW Electrical, and TW Painting continues to shape the Tauhara Sheds into a dynamic and efficient industrial space. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving project that symbolises the synergy of our teams and the future of industrial development in Taupō. Our businesses Involved: TW Property, TW Electrical & TW Painting

Team up

We are going to be looking a little bit different across our business divisions, stay tuned.